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Alternate Data Services

Elevate your onboarding process with our state-of-the-art digital and video KYC solutions, harnessing the capabilities of AI and ML-advanced algorithms. This technology facilitates instantaneous verification, ensuring the swiftest account activation turnaround time for your customers.

Alternate Data Services Overview

Instant Fraud Detection

In essence, our KYC framework serves as a proactive measure for mitigating the inherent risks associated with identity theft. By conducting rigorous identity verification before onboarding customers within the BFSI verticals, this perfect solution acts as a robust safeguard.

Bulk Verification

Bulk verification is a powerful tool to efficiently authenticate large volumes of data. Whether it’s verifying customer information, validating addresses, or confirming identities, it streamlines the process by handling almost 50,000 applications at once.

Data Protection with Higher accuracy

Prioritizing rigorous data security policies is equally important. It stands as both a legal obligation and an ethical necessity to opt for resilient identity solutions that seamlessly adhere to ever-evolving regulations.

Transforming Verification into a Competitive Edge

Seamless Customer

AI-Powered KYC

Precise and Reliable

Reduced Onboarding and
Verification Costs

Enhanced User

Alternate Data Services Solution Suite